Alder firewood is universal and its qualities are not inferior when compared with well-known birch firewood. Alder firewood burns well and almost without smoke, filling the space with the pleasant smell of alder. It dries fast, has unusual brownish-orange color and a delicate flavor, so it differs from other kinds of firewood. The useful qualities of alder firewood remain for years, and thus it can be stored in a stack for long.

It is great for fireplaces, stoves and saunas, as it possess the ability to clean the chimney, walls and stones from the soot. Experts recommend to put alder wood into the furnace at the very end, especially if soft wood or birch is used as the main wood fuel. This will clean the chimney and increase its service life.

Due to its special flavor alder is often used to smoke products and to fry kebabs. Besides alder wood is perfect for blacksmithing.

Alder wood possesses healing properties. That is why alder firewood is used in saunas to treat colds and skin inflammations. When they use alder wood to heat a house, it gives people courage and vitality.